“Our School aims to be a supportive, responsive community where students, staff and parents work together to create an environment where all are valued and each is challenged”.

In order to achieve our vision we aim to:

  • Provide authentic stimulating learning opportunities for children that incorporate all curriculum areas
  • Involve children in all aspects of their learning and develop skills to support self management and self reflection
  • Foster an environment of trust where everyone feels safe
  • Develop life long learners who will strive for excellence in everything they do
  • Provide opportunities to prepare the children for 21st century learning
  • Develop critical and caring thinkers who will be able to contribute confidently to society
  • Encourage individuality and creativity in students

Core Beliefs and Values

At our School we believe that students and staff should exhibit the core values that we have identified as being integral to becoming positive citizens within a local and global world. These values will be expressed in everyday actions and interactions within the school.

Respect:                       Respect for self, others, the environment and property. Caring, accepting of diversity and empathy for others.
Responsibility:          Trustworthy, reliable, self-disciplined, shows initiative, for ecological sustainability and global issues
Integrity:                       Honest, loyal, fair, humble, tolerant, accountable, ethical
Excellence:                  Positive, proud, confident, resilient, committed, enterprising, persistent, focused
Curiosity:                     Inquiring, critical thinker, innovative, interested, adventurous